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'Where little stars shine bright'

All our staff are now fully qualified first aiders!  This is an incredible achievement for us, many nurseries do not have 100% qualified first aiders.  The last 3 members renewed their first aid certificates on Monday 6th November, it was during this time they understood the true importance of defibrillators.  On Tuesday morning the staff decided to set up a long term fundraising campaign to gain a defibrillator for the nursery alongside an anti- choker. We are incredibly happy to inform everybody that by Wednesday the £1000 mark had been met.  An incredibly kind gesture by one of our little stars parents.  We have ordered the equipment and are excitedly awaiting its arrival. 

​These devices are incredibly important in our nursery, an anti-choker is 100% effective, whilst having a defibrillator in the building means 90% of those in cardiac arrest will survive instead of the 6% who only have CPR available to them.

Jeans for Genes day

​Friday 22nd September

Healthy Body, Happy Me

Our very kind donation

We had a lovely afternoon celebrating all the preschoolers leaving for pastures new, it was a very emotional, uplifting day.  We had lots of presentations, presents and pictures, the bouncy castle was a great hit alongside the bubble machine, after lots of dancing we all celebrated a lovely teddy bears picnic, with cake of course! 

All the children will be missed and we hope they stay in touch in the future.

On Friday 22nd we will all be wearing our best jeans to support, promote and raise money for the charity that helps everybody with genetic disorders who live in the UK, find out more here...

Sensory sessions available every Monday

For the month of October all our children are participating in the NDNA 'Health body, Happy me' week.

Children will have the opportunity to use all their 5 senses on different days of the week:

Smelly Monday, Tasty Tuesday, Watchful Wednesday, Listening Thursday and Feeling Friday.  Different activities will take place everyday of the week.

Tempest photography

On Tuesday 24th October Tempest photography will be coming into the nursery to take lots of lovely pictures of our little stars, if your child doesn't attend nursery that day you are more than welcome to book a session in. 

​Please remember to bring different clothes for the session if you so wish.

Up and coming events .........