Parent committee meeting 

We had our first parents committee this term.  Parents gathered together for a brew and a chat with Jo and managed to create some fab ideas regarding parent workshops.

Bright Stars encourages a home from home environment where possible. We encourage all our staff to go barefoot or have comfy slippers on when in their rooms. We find children are often taking their shoes off through choice. This term we are introducing a shoe basket, if children wish to take their shoes off then they can safely store their shoes in the labelled basket.
We encourage this as there are loads of benefits to going barefoot at such a young age.
⭐️Muscles grow ...stronger, improving gross motor skills
⭐️Improves flexibility in children's legs
⭐️A wider range of hip movement
⭐️A greater sensory development
⭐️A better sense of balanceType your paragraph here.

Visit to the local care home

 We had a lovely morning singing to all the residents in the home, we arrived with goodies to hand out to all the residents.

Encouraging a hygge setting

Celebrations within the staff team this month

Outdoors for summer

Emma your a star!

All staff voted for the employee of the year.

Emma received the most votes by a mile and won an afternoon tea at 'Tea,cakes and tiaras'

Well done Emma it is thoroughly deserved!

Latest News

Outdoors is a great resources for Bright Stars, where we can our children spend the majority of their time outside either in our secured outdoor area or going on trips.  Our outdoor garden has had a small refurb, we now have lots of lovely plants growing and a bug hotel.  Children can access the garden throughout the day and are encouraged to investigate, be imaginative and learn through fun.

​We had a fantastic opportunity to spend an evening with Lyndsey and Stephanie, the founders of the Curiosity Approach.  Staff were able to understand the approach a little better and bring back lots of fab ideas for all the team to use and input within our setting.

Purchasing a defibrillator 

Staff on training


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A team of stars​

Curiosity Approach Accreditation

We celebrate our fantastic team each month by voting the hardest working member of the team, this is sometimes given from management choices but mostly staff will nominate each other. 

Are you eligible for the FREE 30 hours? Why not find out here:

We have had a fab start to our academic year, most of September was spent settling in new starters but they have all soon made themselves at home, which is fab to see!  We have also now started our accreditation process towards the 'Curiosity Approach'.  Over the next 12 months we are going to be working hard in evaluating how our environments help towards learning and fun.

All our staff are now fully qualified first aiders!    An incredibly kind gesture by one of our little stars parents.  We have ordered the equipment and are excitedly awaiting its arrival. 

'Where little stars shine bright'