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Maintenance - Eric and John

Eric is Dad to both Jo and Claire, alongside his own brother they have renovated the nursery building and are working hard to provide a warm, safe, home from home environment for the children placed in the nursery.

Work is continually being completed to ensure the nursery is meeting excellent standards through each and every room.

Preschool Nursery Practitioner -Stacy


Leah has joined Bright Stars over Easter 2018, Leah is working in the 0-2s room working alongside Steph.  Leah is highly supportive in the toddlers developmental stages and encourages sitting, crawling, standing and walking.  On a daily basis Leah implements a routines to the toddlers day whilst providing new, daily experiences for all.

Stacy joined Bright Stars in June 2017 and will be working in our pre-school room. With 13 years’ experience working with children of all ages, a Level 4 qualification and a 7 year old son, Stacy demonstrates  the passion and commitment  needed to ensure a high quality learning environment. Stacy enjoys encouraging the children to learn through creative activities and messy play, allowing the children their own preferences, making their own decisions and helping them to become independent, ready for the next stage of their life.

2-3s Practitioner - Jenni (Level 3)

Jenni has joined our 2-3s room this Autumn term and has settled in well with the children, Jenni is receiving training on our curiosity approach to learning and is working well to gain great bonds with children, parents and staff.

Samantha is our Preschool room leader and joined us over the Easter, Sam has quickly taken the lead and created a good preschool team.  Samantha is very passionate about children and their learning journey, she has many years experience in the childcare industry and shows great knowledge in regards to preparing children for school.

Preschool Nursery Practitioner -Sam​​

Preschool Room leader- Emma

'Where little stars shine bright'

Sheila​ - Cook

Sheila is the mother to sisters Jo and Claire and will be the on site cook, daily meals will be prepared with fresh produce meeting the nutritional needs of all the children placed in the nursery.

​Meals to suit all cultures, beliefs and dietary needs are available, halal meat is available alongside dairy intolerance diets and vegetarian diets.

​Sheila has the hygiene L2 certificate required in order to work within the onsite kitchen.

2-3s - Room Leader, Level 3 Apprentice-Hayley

Hayley joined us prior to the 2018 Summer term. Hayley has lots of experience in the 2-3s room and works hard to ensure their transitional stages of development are met and all their needs catered for.  Hayley will support toilet training, emotional awareness and prepare them for their next stage of learning in preschool.

Apprentice, Level 3 Practitioner 2-3s Room-Hayley

Hayley joined us over the Easter of 2018 as a trainee L3 practitioner, she is currently based in the 2-3s room.  Hayley has had experience working in the Early Years and is highly passionate about making sure children are cared for and looked after to a high standard.  Hayley is learning all about our routines and reading through all our policies and procedures to ensure she knows everything she needs to know to provide the best service to all our stars and their parents/guardians.

Level 3,0-2's Practitioner-Gemma

Gemma has spent most of her early years experience within the baby room, she is quick to gain solid bonds with all the new babies and works hard to ensure they feel secure and safe whilst in our care.  Gemma is going to complete a specific baby care qualification before the year ends.

Emma- with a Level 3 Childcare qualification and 4 years experience is a key person in the preschool room.

Emma is well experienced working with the preschool children helping them to  develop their independence, ready for starting school.  Emma is highly passionate about letting the children take the lead in their learning, with a great imagination Emma encourage sustained shared thinking well and challenges the children to learn on a daily basis.

Level 3, Babies Practitioner - Leah