​​​​​​​​​​The Homely, naturalistic Baby Room 

The baby room is situated at the back of the nursery providing a quiet, calm and relaxing environment for all our 0-1 year olds.  The room accommodates up to 6 babies daily, the low number allows for staff to stay solely focussed on providing such high levels of good quality childcare to each baby, the room has a great daily routine and provides familiarity and a sense of security to all the babies in their.  The room has 2 large bright windows with views of the outdoor area. 

The baby room hosts a cosy sleeping corner, a reading area , a required black and white area and a sensory area, with easy access to the outdoors. 

Toddler Room 

The toddler room is the first room next to the reception area and is exclusive to 1-2 year olds.  The large, bright room can accommodate up to 16 toddlers on a daily basis. 

The toddler room hosts a cosy sleeping area, a home area, reading corners, messy play centres and space left for sensory sections.  Children also have views of the outdoor garden area and access to the garden via the 2-3s room. 

2-3 Room 

The 2-3s room is a large area of space that can accommodate up to 16 children on a daily basis. The room is conveniently situated next to the toilets so as to encourage and implement the toilet training programmes that are commonly started during this age. 

The room hosts a reading section, home area, sensory area and a computer to aid in technology enhancement and encourage learning through play and games.  The room has direct access to the outdoor garden and the children can have free choice to play outside if they want to. 


The pre-school room is exclusive to the second floor of the nursery and covers a large area of floor space.  Up to 28 pre-school children can be accommodated on a daily basis. The room has a very homely feel to in with lots of natural resources and encouragement of loose part play.


The nursery is fortunate enough to hold an extra large garden that is encompassed within the middle of the building, being both secure and not overlooked from outside.  The garden is divided into investigative areas encouraging learners to explore their surroundings.  A mud kitchen, reading garden, sandpit and play area is all part of our outdoor space.  We have a bug hotel and flower garden as the Bright stars ethos to encourage children to care for, love and respect all living things.

Sensory room 

The sensory room is based on the 2nd floor at the back of the building in a quiet, peaceful setting.  The room can be used for small groups to go and explore and investigate different, stimulating environments or simply an area for children to relax and be calm.  Any child that has a place at Bright Stars has an integral programme of sensory time, this involves time spent in the sensory room alongside access to specialised sensory sessions.

Nutritional meals cooked daily on site  - Menu available upon request

Halal / Vegetarian and Dairy intolerance diets available 

Sufficient parking

'Where little stars shine bright'

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