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Mothers Day

The nursery set up a tea room for all mothers, grandmothers and guardians to come along and have some tea, cakes and a chat.  They also spent time with their children in their rooms completing lots of different arts and crafts.  It was a lovely day, all the children loved showing off their room to their families and the parents loved having an insight into how the rooms operate on a daily basis.

Up and coming events .........

Our new tool bench

Pre-school are undergoing major revamps lately.  One of the new additions into the room is our tool bench, the children have been busy making boats and learning to use real tools with wood.

Woodwork provides a unique learning experience for our little stars. It is rich in so many different areas of learning and development and was a great activity which all the children really enjoyed.
This type of activity has the potential to build self esteem and confidence through being empowered to use real tools, by being given some responsibility, accomplishing tasks that they initially feel to be challenging, gaining new skills and finally taking pride in their creations.

Festivals to celebrate

We have enjoyed celebrating Chinese New Year this term, some of the parents made dumplings (dim sum) for the children to try, they all also tried to master the chopsticks!  We played the Chinese New Year song and also made lovely cards. 

We have also celebrated Easter with an egg hunt, creating lots of cards and talking about Spring animals.

Muddy Puddle Charity walk

‚ÄčOur little stars will go on walks in their wellies finding lots of puddles to stomp around in, all for charity. 

New arrivals

Our preschool committee decided on a hamster as their classroom pet.  They have spent this term settling in nicely, the children have shown a great interest and are feeding them daily and cleaning them often. 

Parent committee meeting 

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