Claire - Early Years Training Teacher (EYTT)​,

Hi I'm Claire, married to Lee and have a daughter, Lily.  Lily is in Year 1 at school and doing really well.  I have recently completed my Level 6 Early Years Teacher Training course , during the course I gained lots of experience with early years children, particularly pre-school and reception classes.  I have over 13 years experience within the educational sector.  Most of my career revolves around qualifying as a science teacher and supporting Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) learners.  I am well experienced in working alongside an educational framework and as a teacher I am well rehearsed in completing relevant paperwork, time frames and ensuring all information is dealt with accurately and efficiently. I understand the importance of meeting the educational needs of individuals and nurturing young ones to thrive and grow within their own capabilities. ​As a mother myself I know the concerns and apprehensions parents have upon placing their children in an educational setting, so I continually strive to maintain high quality levels.  As the team leader for the curiosity approach I lead our team into a world of awe and wonder, creating homely environments that children can feel safe, secure and happy in, helping to strengthen their confidences, experiences and abilities. 

Jo is also our designated SAFEGAURDING officer, ​as a nursery who prides itself on ensuring all children are safe we make sure all staff are up to date with the latest policies and procedures.  Jo is currently under going updated safeguarding training and disseminating this to all staff throughout the nursery.  

​Hello, I’m Bettina, I have a partner called Jed who works in engineering and come from a big family; I have 4 sisters and 2 brothers and one of them is my twin brother Paul who is an education and research psychologist.
I have worked at Bright Stars since July 2019, I have had many different roles during my time including teaching and learning mentor, deputy manager and am now the nursery manager. I have worked within the childcare sector for 9 years and have a passion about seeing children learn, grow, and achieve. I have had a variety of different roles throughout my career; each giving me opportunities to expand my knowing and practice. I am the nurseries Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator and have been working with children with special educational needs and disabilities; as well as their families throughout my career.

Working within Early Years has always been my main focus, and I have had the drive and determination to provide the best possible care and education for our families. Our Bright Stars values of Family, Love and Home are all what we strive to give to both our staff team and parents. Each day is an exciting opportunity to meet new families, learn about different cultures, create a safe and stimulating environment for the children we care for and most importantly for us to watch as our little stars explore, play and learn.

Satveer - Assistant Manager

Hi I am Satveer, I have worked in Child Care for over 5 years, and in that period I have filled a number of varied roles and completed numerous qualifications, most notably BA HONS in educational studies.  My experiences in schools and nursery settings has allowed me to gain strong knowledge and understanding of childcare, education and safeguarding.  I have always had a very clear focus on Family values and this ethos reflects neatly into the environment we create in Bright stars. 

​​ Director: Jo 

Hi I am Jo, the director of Bright Stars, I have a partner Amy and 4 children, Brandon, Ruby, Gracie and Darcey. I have over 15 years experience in the childcare sector and thought it was time I placed my own stamp on the industry: by opening up my own nursery.  Together with my family we worked incredibly hard to renovate the building and get ready to open our doors in January 2017.  I am highly passionate about childcare, with two of my main areas being; caring for all children to the up most and to also ensure they learn during those importance early years.

I started studying childcare and working as a nursery nurse from leaving school, working within a managerial role at a local nursery for the last 6 years.  I had successfully created a highly efficient, effective nursery setting.  I feel I am well equipped in understanding what parents require from a childcare setting.  Working closely with the local authority, OFSTED, and grow centres.  Me and my team are able to support children in their early years and implement the EYFS programme extensively to ensure all children learn, play and have fun whilst here at the Bright Stars nursery. 

I have qualifications that range from Level 4 Management, Level 3 Childcare and Paediatric First Aid, whilst also working on courses for safeguarding.

Nursery Manager -Bettina

Family,     Home,       Love 

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