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Muddy Puddle Charity walk

Parent committee meeting 

We celebrate our fantastic team each month by voting the hardest working member of the team, this is sometimes given from management choices but mostly staff will nominate each other. 

Up and coming events .........

Sports class

Preschool are enjoying the sports classes every Wednesday morning.  The class encourages physical activity, listening skills and social skills.

On Wednesday 27th June  Contemporary photography will be coming into the nursery to take lots of lovely pictures of our little stars, if your child doesn't attend nursery that day you are more than welcome to book a session in. 

​Please remember to bring different clothes for the session if you so wish.

Leavers celebrations

Friday ​20th July is our graduation party.  We have lots of activities planned for the preschool leavers.

All the children had a fab time raising money by doing the muddy puddle walk, in total £75.00 raised.  All children went on the hunt for muddy puddles as well as getting messy with brown paint.

End of year photographer

Outdoors is a great resources for Bright Stars, where we can our children spend the majority of their time outside either in our secured outdoor area or going on trips.  Our outdoor garden has had a small refurb, we now have lots of lovely plants growing and a bug hotel.  Children can access the garden throughout the day and are encouraged to investigate, be imaginative and learn through fun.

We had our first parents committee this term.  Parents gathered together for a brew and a chat with Jo and managed to create some fab ideas regarding parent workshops.

A team of stars​

Outdoors for summer

Manchester Museum Trip

The preschool and holiday club took a visit to the Science and Industry museum, they traveled by bus and spent the day exploring and investigating trains, planes and old cars.

'Where little stars shine bright'

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