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'Where little stars shine bright'

We encourage respect throughout our day from conversations with staff, parents and the children.  Manners are always encouraged and we often talk about sharing and caring behaviours.

Bright Stars offers mounds of fun from daily activities to unique experiences, here in our setting no day is the same.  However we can guarantee it is filled with laughter and fun.

During your little stars day they are able to regularly make their own choices, whether this be through self serve at the dinner table to decided what is going to be on the food menu, or simply using the preschool committee to make independent decisions.

We want to inspire all our little stars to learn and grow through: having access to real life objects, creating their own toys to play with and relating real life experiences to their learning.

Our nursery is surrounded by children and staff who all have positive attitudes and take on daily challenges with gusto.  Staff go above and beyond to meet all their deadlines and feed this determination and positivity down to the little stars in allowing them to accomplish even the smallest of things.

Why choose us for childcare?

Bright Stars visions and values

At Bright Stars we have 6 main values to our overarching philosophy.  Those being: 





Positive attitude

Curiosity / Hygge

Our setting is on the curiosity accreditation programme and is working towards ensuring the environment is natural and hygge /homely and encourages a feeling of safety and comfort.

Giving your little stars a bright future

As a family run nursery our biggest passion and commitment is to ensure children thrive and learn in a fun, caring and homely environment.

​*OUR VALUES ARE RELEVANT AND TO DATE - Bright Stars is working alongside the view of 'Children's Rights' We want our nursery to allow children to feel free and happy in their learning environment.  The rooms are all created around a homely feel and allow children to explore and discover on their own accord. The more of nature and the outdoors we can bring into the nursery the better!  The Rights of the child.docx

*WE ARE LEADING THE PATH IN NEW INNOVATIVE IDEAS - We are currently using the 'in the moment' planning model which is a fairly new concept.  It allows children to play and learn as they go, nursery practitioners use the play opportunity to aid in learning. 


As a nursery we are working towards 'loose part' play and the curiosity approach.  This encourages children to take the lead in their learning and naturally engage in an educational process that the children have chosen and wish to take part in.

​We also want to encourage sensory play throughout the day, sand and water are available all day to allow children to choose when and how they want to play.  Sensory play encourages children to be messy and creative, practitioners will utilise these play opportunities to ensure the children also learn as they go.

* WE ARE A LOCAL, FAMILY RUN NURSERY- We are a family business, with 1 building and no plans to become a chain, our main priority is to ensure the nursery we have meets the highest of childcare standards, and our aim is to achieve outstanding awards in the future.  We are unique in the fact that the owner is also the manager. 

 * ALL STAFF ARE HIGHLY QUALIFIED AND VERY PASSIONATE - We currently have 3 highly qualified managers onsite. We have uniquely created specific job roles for each manager to ensure that the job role receives the full attention it deserves (Jo is the owner and manager for fire safety/risk assessing as well as the SENDCo officer. Sarah is the manager and Safeguarding officer).

* WE HAVE THE PERSONAL TOUCH - SAFETY - Security at the nursery is high, in order for you to have access to the nursery you need to ring the buzzer to which a member of staff will greet you, this ensures a friendly welcoming environment.  This also assists staff and parents to gain good relations with each other.  Any person not recognisable will be asked for a password set up by the parents/carers to ensure high security is maintained at all times.

* WE LOVE TO RELAX! - SENSORY PLAY - Our sensory room is designed and created

to allow the children at the nursery to have a little free space, where they can rest

and relax, gather their thoughts and process all that learning!  Children have regular

access to the sensory den and is integral to their stay with us.  We also encourage

sensory play throughout the day as it is such a beneficial aspect to a child's

development, and most importantly its FUN!


very hard to help the local community, as a new business we understand the

importance of supporting local business and communities, look out for us in the

​                       coming year!  We are already providing FREE coffee and 

                       sensory mornings to all mums in the local area.

                                  * CHARITY WORK - It is our mission to ensure we complete lots of charity work

                         and that the children of the nursery join in with this too, we have currently signed up

                       for a muddy walk to raise money for the 'Save the children' foundation.

* WE UNDERSTAND THE IMPORTANCE OF FAMILY AND CARING FOR LITTLE ONES- All family members have a role within the nursery, Jo is the owner and a qualified childcare practitioner (with over 12 years experience in the industry), Claire is the administrator and is a fully qualified teacher, Sheila is the cook and has worked in a primary school setting whilst Eric is the maintenance manager at weekends and who works as a school bus driver during the week.

We pride ourselves in looking after our staff, we want staff to feel part of the family and very much appreciated, this results in consistency and familiarity with the children.  All children will have a key person, minimal changes of staff will be made, a reliable routine for the children is highly important.

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